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For Organizations

For Organizations

Protecting Your Business

At ALMEA, we help business owners focus on their business… knowing they have the right insurance coverage and employee benefits in place. We write a variety of business insurance policies for all types of business from the sole proprietor to large corporations. We want to be your Portland insurance provider so whether you need contractor insurance or business liability insurance or anything in between, check with ALMEA first.

Doing business today is considerably more complex than it was just 2-3 years ago. As a business owner, you want to know that your insurance package provides appropriate coverage at a fair price. You also expect your insurance agency to service your account with accuracy and courtesy in a timely manner. Here at ALMEA we consider these core values.

We are dedicated to protecting your financial security and with the highest level of commitment and integrity to our clients to help companies survive, grow, and succeed in today’s new economy. Whether you need business insurance, contractor insurance, business liability insurance, church insurance, or any of our offerings, we are here to help.

Commercial Insurance
From general liability coverage to worker’s compensation, employee benefits plans and business planning, our professionals will match your business needs to exactly the right insurance coverage and benefits plans.

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Employee Benefits
At ALMEA we understand your needs as a business owner. We will consult with you to help you retain good employees, and provide options for benefit plans that match your budget and your desire to keep your employees and their families healthy and happy.

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Business Planning
We pride ourselves on facilitating solutions to complicated business issues that often fall well outside the realm of insurance matters. Through our relationship with BizAssure, we can get you the help and information you need, usually free of charge.

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