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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

At ALMEA we understand your needs as a business owner. We will consult with you to help you retain good employees, and provide options for benefit plans that match your budget and your desire to keep your employees and their families healthy and happy. We want to be your Portland, OR employee benefit solution.

Employee Benefits Solutions
At ALMEA we understand your needs as a business owner. We will consult with you to help you retain good employees, and provide options for benefit plans that match your budget and your desire to keep your employees and their families healthy and happy. We want to be your Portland, OR employee benefit solution. 
Group Life & Disability
Group health insurance and disability benefits attract top talent, and often they provide the only life and disability insurance an employee has. An employee is not taxed on group life insurance premiums paid by an employer under a group term plan, unless the amount of coverage exceeds $50,000. A group disability insurance policy covers earnings lost due to accident or sickness. Your business can pay the premium as a benefit to the employee, or that cost can be shared with the employee. Group coverage is less expensive than individual, and can cover both long and short-term disabilities. 
Retirement/Pension Plans
While there are no state or federal requirements to establish pension plans for your employees, it is a benefit worth considering. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that sets minimum standards for pension plans and protects their assets. Businesses who establish plans must meet certain minimum standards. 
Group Health/Dental Plans
Health and dental insurance are increasingly important benefit to employees, since personally paid medical expenses are much higher, often prohibitively expensive for your employee. If you offer health insurance as a group policy you can deduct the premiums you pay into it.
401(k) Profit Sharing
You may want to consider offering a 401(k) retirement plan, where an employee defers part of his income into a tax shelter until they withdraw it. As an employer, you can choose to match the employees contributions, but annual contributions are limited to 25% of the employees salary. Benefits to the employee are that they are better able to save for retirement while reducing their income tax bill. 
Voluntary Benefits
We focus on providing employers with the products and services that best meet the needs of your employees. ALMEA can show you how voluntary benefits allow your business to:

  • Offer new coverage options, at no direct cost to your business.
  • Allow employees to pay for the coverage through the convenience of payroll deduction.
  • Enjoy employer tax savings and provide tax savings for your employees by pre-taxing through Section 125.
  • Help your employees pay for what their health insurance doesn’t.

By packaging core offerings with our personal insurance products, we can enhance your benefits programs by helping employees fill the gaps in their individual coverage. They can simply select and pay for the protection they feel they need the most.

Group Discounted Auto & Homeowners Insurance
This valuable voluntary benefit provides your employees with a great way to get quality auto and home insurance with special lower auto and homeowners rates not available to the general public.

ALMEA and insurance company representatives will do all the work to implement and administer this benefit that can provide your employees a competitive choice for all their personal insurance needs including:

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Condominium
  • Boat owners
  • Umbrella
  • Other associated types of coverage


Benefits to Your Employees

The Network Program is provided on a completely voluntary basis and offers your employees personalized service and coverage to suit their individual insurance needs. If you choose to offer this program, eligible employees can take advantage of:

  • Easy access to quality auto and home insurance at specially discounted rates – rates unavailable to the general public.
  • Premium payments can be spread over an entire year with some options carrying no installment or finance charges.
  • Personal consultation by experienced, knowledgeable professionals.
  • For broader coverage and greater value, we can combine auto and home policies into a convenient package policy.
  • One of the industry’s most respected claims organizations is available 24 hours/7 days toll free.

Enhancing Your Insurance Coverage

The popular Package Plus policy provides you the ability to offer your employees benefits they can’t get with a single auto or home policy. Additional money-saving discounts, higher limits on items such as jewelry and watercraft, along with a blanket property limit which adds flexibility in the event of a major loss, give you added value for less money.Check with us for the best employee benefits in Portland and Oregon.

SEP/IRA/Simple Plans

Simplified Employee Pension

One option you have for offering a retirement benefit to employees is a Simplified Employee Pension. This allows you to directly contribute to an employee’s IRA or individual retirement annuity. Employees are not taxed on contributions.


Contributions are tax deductible, and contribution amounts are very flexible.
The plan is easy to understand, set up and administer.
There is no ongoing fiduciary liability to the employer for the plan asset management.


Contributions must be made for part-time and seasonal employees.
Employees control investments and can withdraw the funds as fast as they are put into the account.
Allocation methods that reduce employer costs may not be used, and employee costs can be high compared to other types of plans.

Simple Retirement Plan

A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) is available for any business that does not offer another tax-qualified retirement plan, and has 100 or fewer employees.


Unlike 401(k) plans, you know in advance approximately what the financial commitment will be.
Your contribution is tax deductible, and you can direct the investments.
The 401(k) version of the plan can provide employees with permanent life insurance benefits that need not expire nor require costly conversion at retirement age.


The employer is required to contribute.
Your more highly paid participants may not be able to contribute sufficient funds to build an adequate retirement.