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Five Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Life insurance is one of the most common types of insurance that people buy.  In 2013, 62% of Americans had at least some life insurance coverage (Source: Insurance Information Institute, 2013).  Yet life insurance is also one of the most misunderstood types of insurance.  All too often, people don’t understand some of the basic facts about… Continue Reading

Long-Term-Care Insurance: A Useful Planning Tool, But Out of Reach for Many

Americans are living longer.  Someone who is in their mid-60s today can expect to live well into their 80s.  That’s great news, but with longer life spans come certain challenges.  One is an increasing need for long-term care. And that care isn’t cheap.  The national median daily rate for a private room in a nursing… Continue Reading

Lowering Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Looking for ways to lower the premiums on your homeowners insurance?   Consider these tips: Increase your deductible.   Raising your deductible can significantly lower your premium.  If you do so, however, keep an adequate emergency fund to cover higher out-of-pocket costs for any claims. Combine insurance coverage with one company.  Often, you can obtain discounts for… Continue Reading

The Real Impact of Employment Credit Reports is Not What You Think

Credit scoring is widely used in the underwriting and pricing of mortgage and consumer credit, and the credit information used to derive these scores is commonly used in employment screening for certain sensitive positions. Despite their widespread use, credit scores and credit histories raise concerns over an unfair disadvantage to minority populations. These concerns center… Continue Reading

How to Turn Garbage into Gold

By Kiel Harvey, MBA President GreenTech Recycling Equipment Inc. Garbage and recycling are often a few of the last things that companies consider when they put together their business plans. Forecasts lump the cost of waste and recycling into operational expenses and it is forgotten from there. Managers simply do not have the time or… Continue Reading

The 5 most common homeowner’s insurance shortcomings

Late summer can be a stressful time for homeowners. While wildfires and floods often plague the west, hurricanes threaten the U.S. East Coast. And tornadoes remain a concern throughout much of the country’s midsection. All that means its prime season for homeowner’s claims too, as residences often bear the brunt of all this wild weather.… Continue Reading

Food Boxes for Families and People in Need

Southeast Community Food Pantry & Clothes Closet: “Food Boxes for Families and People in Need” 5535 SE Rhone • Portland, Oregon 97206 • 503-895-6102 Oregon Food Bank Partner Agency • Member: The Southeast Community Food Pantry and Clothes Closet provides emergency help to any and all persons who find themselves in difficulties because… Continue Reading

Investment Tax Strategies

With marginal tax rates of up to 39.6%, taxes can seriously erode your investment’s total return.  Consider these strategies, which can help you reduce income taxes: Consider your holding period before selling.  Gains on investments held for one year or longer are taxed at the capital gains tax rate of 15% or 20% (0% if… Continue Reading