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Christmas for Kids Is Coming

Christmas for Kids Is Coming

Christmas for Kids Story

Christmas for Kids is a magical annual event where local kids, hand-selected by their school counselors due to extreme need, join a volunteer shopper to check off a Christmas list mostly comprised of basic clothing needs for the kid and their immediate siblings.

A combination of donated funds, donated items (coats, books, hygiene items, etc.), vastly reduced prices, and volunteer contributions create a unique situation in charitable organizations where every $1.00 donated results in $3.63 in value given directly to the kid and their family.

With contributions, donations, and discounts, last year it cost $6.10/month to provide one of these kids a Christmas worth $246.27

These are the kids most in need, being treated to a day they will never forget, receiving items they greatly need.

For more details on the success of the event, click here.

How You Can Help

We have never had a greater need than what we are currently facing. Christmas for kids is adding school districts and doing our best to extend this day to more kids. 2014 was a record year in value delivered to these kids, BUT 2015 is looking like we are up for an even greater challenge. With the expected increase in kids this year, we need to raise $65,000 in cash contributions to allow us to leverage this for over $200,000 in value delivered.

Put yourself on Santa’s “nice” list by donating today!

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