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OJT training periods can last up to six months depending on the time it takes to get the trainee to a satisfactory level of job competency. Your business is not obligated to retain the trainees who do not meet their training goals.

Recruitment Support:

Businesses participating in the WorkSource Portland Metro OJT program automatically get recruitment support.

  • An account representative works with you to understand and meet your company’s specific
    recruitment and HR needs. Then your account rep searches WorkSource’s database of job
    seekers to find candidates that meet your specific hiring criteria.
  • Your OJT job description is posted in iMatchSkills.

Training Cost Reimbursement:

  • When using an OJT, a business hires an employee and trains that employee over a specified period of time.
  • Up to 50% of wages paid during the training offset the cost of training. The average reimbuisement is $3,500 but it may be more or less depending on the amount of training needed.
  • At the end of the training period, the business is reimbursed for half of the OJT commitment.
  • When the trainee is retained for 90 days beyond the training period, the business receives the other half of the OJT commitment.

On-the-Job Training Example

A manufacturer of silicone ingots needs to hire a furnace operator. The company pays entry level operators $12.50 an hour and estimates a new hire with a manufacturing background requires three months of on-the-job training to qualify as an entry-level furnace operator. The OJT plan for this situation could look like this:

Training Goals:

  • Learn specific temperatures and times for silicone crystal growing
  • Ability to operate and understand furnace functions.
  • Ability to operate furnace at a level sufficient to meet production goals.

OJT Training Period Duration: 13 weeks

OJT wage: $12.50/hour at 40 hours week

Total reimbursement to employer: $3,250 over two periods:

1. End of training period reimbursement calculation:
• $6,500 in wages paid by employer during training period.
. 50% of $6,500 is $3,250, WorkSource’s total OJT commitment

. 50% of $3,250 is $1,625 the amount Kim reimbursed at end of the OJT training period

2. End of retention period reimbursement:

After the 90 days of regular employment which begins when the training period is completed the company is reimbursed the remainder of the total OJT commitment, $1,625.

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