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Daylight Savings: To-Do List

Daylight Savings: To-Do List

Daylight savings is more than just a time to reset your clocks.  It’s also the perfect time to refresh your emergency preparedness plan. This checklist will provide you with quick and simple steps to ensure you and your family are prepared no matter what.

Test your smoke alarms. Push the “test” button, which activates the alarm.
Change your batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
Review your evacuation plan. Discuss with your family and designate a “meet-up” location.
Check the status of your fire extinguishers. Learn how to properly use and maintain your extinguishers.
Review your family’s emergency contact list, or create one for the first time. Update phone numbers, address and other important information on the following:

  • Each member of your household and any other important family members
  • Important contacts such as doctors, insurance agents, etc.
  • Post this information near your phone and on a small card to keep in your purse, wallet, or kid’s backpacks.
Put together a “grab bag”. Fill with items you will need in the event of an evacuation. If you already have a kit, recheck your supplies and be sure to replace expired medications and foods.

  • Identification and wallet/cash/credit cards
  • Car/House keys and office keys or pass card
  • Phone List (including personnel emergency contacts’ information)
  • Server Backup Tapes or Drives
  • Flash Drive with critical documents, asset inventories, insurance information, etc.
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Any Personal Medications
  • Basic Office Supplies (pen & paper)
Be Informed. Learn what emergencies can occur in your area and how officials will notify you should a disaster occur.

  • Know the difference between weather watches and warnings.
  • Tell others what you have learned so they can be ready too.

Check your water supply. Make sure you have enough drinking water stored for three days. Store one gallon of water per person per day. Do not stockpile soda or other drinks high in sodium that can increase dehydration.

Reach out – make sure neighbors and family are prepared, especially the elderly.


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