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How to Turn Garbage into Gold

373844200_200efae11dBy Kiel Harvey, MBA
GreenTech Recycling Equipment Inc.

Garbage and recycling are often a few of the last things that companies consider when they put together their business plans. Forecasts lump the cost of waste and recycling into operational expenses and it is forgotten from there. Managers simply do not have the time or interest to monitor their waste stream.   Many companies take this “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” approach to their garbage. What they do not realize is how a few small steps can lower or eliminate their cost of waste disposal, lower their environmental impact, and lessen the extent of their liability and loss. Here are a few ways you can eliminate these issues:

  1. You should get paid for your recyclables. If your company is generating a significant volume of cardboard, plastic, or other recyclable commodities, you should be paid for those commodities. Garbage companies and recyclers will probably give you a small benefit such as a discount on your trash service or haul it away for free when you should really be receiving a monthly check for that product.  You should seek out assistance to be able to present your commodity (garbage) to the buyer’s market in a way that maximizes value.
  2. Companies should reduce and eliminate what they send to a landfill. More than being bad for the environment, landfill fees are EXPENSIVE! Some companies pay to send product to the landfill that they could be paid for recycling, turning a cost center into a profit center.
  3. You can eliminate your liability and loss’s when it comes to your garbage. No one likes to think of it, but employee theft and workman’s compensation are significant liabilities. You may need to establish a waste and recycling system that eliminate these concerns and lessen your exposure to employee injury (e.g. employee hurts themselves while jumping up and down in a full waste container to compact the trash)

The reality is that most company managers do not have time nor do they possess the industry expertise to handle a commercial waste stream.  To find out if you can turn your Garbage into Gold call GreenTech at 503-726-9060 or e-mail for a free waste audit and consultation.

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