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Upcoming change for Small Business Group and your employees

What to consider

In 2014 under the ACA, the maximum amount a consumer with single coverage will pay out-of-pocket will generally be $6,350 while a family could pay up to $12,700. Those totals include copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, but not premiums and they apply only to non-grandfathered plans.

Also in 2014, some Associations will be rated differently and have different coverage due to ACA requirements, giving employers options to make different decisions on how to offer health coverage to their employees.

In 2016, the definition of a small business that can purchase coverage through the SHOP will change from 50 or fewer eligible employees to 100 or fewer eligible employees.

What to do

If you are part of a Trust and/or Association plan, these organizations may no longer qualify to be treated and rated as a large employer. For employers who are a part of these Trusts and Associations their rates and coverage may change as a result.


We can talk with you about you and your employees concerns regarding their health care coverage and how it will evolve in the coming years. Retaining good employees is a priority for most of our clients.  We can assist you through this changing environment.

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